Sussex Inlet Bowling Club Limited (the Club) ABN 72 001 057 905 is subject to the Privacy Act 1988 (the ‘Act’). The Act contains 13 Australian Privacy Principles (the ‘Principles’) that set standards for the handling of personal information.

This Policy applies to personal information provided by our Members to the Club. The Club may use Members personal information for the Club’s marketing and promotions, to provide and improve our services to our Members, to provide the latest information about those services and promotions, and for other purposes as set out in this Policy and as permitted under the Act. As a Member you generally have the right to access personal information that the Club may hold about you, and request that it be updated, in accordance with this Policy and the Act.

This Policy also applies to personal information collected from and about guests of Members, other customers (such as customers attending Club functions), staff, suppliers and any other person whose personal information the Club may collect from time to time.

This Policy explains:

  • What types of personal information we might collect and hold
  • How we aim to use personal information
  • When we will disclose personal information
  • How you can access and seek to correct personal information that we hold about you
  • How you may make a complaint if you think that we have breached the Principles
  • How you can deal with us anonymously or using a pseudonym
  • How we manage and secure personal information

This Policy does not form part of any contract.

The Principles do not apply to employee records. As a result, this Policy does not apply to the Club’s treatment of employee records, where the treatment is directly related to a current or former employment relationship between the Club and an employee.

This Policy is available free of charge and can be accessed on the Club’s website at If you require any further information about the Policy please contact Administration. You can find our contact details at the end of this Policy.


About us
The Club is a registered club under the Registered Clubs Act 1976 (Registered Clubs Act).
This Policy has been developed by the Club as part of its efforts to comply with the Principles. The Club may update this Policy from time to time, for example to reflect changes to the law or the Club.

The principal activities of the Club are:

  • Providing a venue for Members and guests to engage in social, recreational and sporting activities
  • supporting the community in sporting events
  • providing Members and their families access to a range of services
  • providing affordable meals
  • providing a safe, friendly environment for locals to meet

Open and transparent management of personal information
(a) The kinds of personal information that the Club collects and holds:
The Club collects personal information from Members, guests and other customers including name, address, occupation, date of birth, proof of age, telephone, email, fax and other contact details, and information about their use of the Club’s goods and services.

The Club collects personal information about job applicants, staff and volunteers.
The Club also collects personal information about other people who come into contact with the Club such as contractors and suppliers. If some information that the Club requests is not provided, the Club may not be able to provide you with goods and services, or engage you to work at the Club if you are a job applicant or prospective contractor or supplier. Some of the information we collect is ‘sensitive information’ (as defined under the Act).

The Act requires us only to collect sensitive information:

  • from you where you consent and it is reasonably necessary for our activities
  • if the collection is required by law or a court or tribunal order
  • if it relates to our Club activities and you are a Club member or have regular contact with us in connection with our activities

(b) How the Club collects and holds personal information:
Members and guests One way the Club collects personal information is when you lodge a membership application form. We may also collect information from you when you complete other forms or participate in competitions. On some occasions, a recognised form of identification such as a passport or drivers licence will also be required to confirm the personal details provided.

To comply with the Registered Clubs Act, the Club may request patrons visiting the Club (such as Temporary Members and guests) to produce a recognised form of identification such as a passport, drivers licence or proof of age card to gain entry to the premises. The Club uses terminals to gather this information and to protect the data collected. Scanning of licences and other identification documents is optional, and patrons may sign in manually if they prefer, once their identification has been sighted by an authorised Club staff member. The Club may also collect information as a result of a membership card being placed in a gaming machine or other machine (not ATMs) that is linked to our Member loyalty system.

We usually collect personal information directly from you, for example when you correspond with us by e-mail or in writing, deal with us over the telephone or in person, use our facilities (such as food and beverage or sporting facilities), use our services, or make an enquiry through our website. The Club also uses CCTV cameras in some areas of its premises, for security reasons.

We will only record your e-mail address when you use our website if you send us a message or fill in an online enquiry form, and your email address will only be used for the purpose for which you have provided it and will not be added to a mailing list without your consent.

Sometimes, someone else may provide us with personal information about you, with or without your direct involvement. For example, we might collect personal information from:

  • A local liquor accord or regulatory authority;
  • Another organisation of which you are a member, such as a sporting club which uses our facilities
  • A representative of yours

(c) The purposes for which the Club collects, holds, uses and discloses personal information:

The Club generally uses personal information in order to:

  • Process membership applications;
  • Meet statutory requirements under the Registered Clubs Act and other relevant legislation;
  • Contact Members about events and activities provided by the Club;
  • Carry out Club marketing and promotions, to provide and improve our services to our Members and to provide the latest information about those services and promotions;
  • Provide other information about our products and services (for example, if you contact the Club with an enquiry);
  • Provide other products and services (for example, functions such as weddings, anniversary and birthday parties, training seminars and corporate events)
  • Help the Club run its business, for example for security purposes, to train staff or to undertake Club marketing activities.

Job applicants, staff and contractors The Club collects personal information of job applicants, staff and contractors for the primary purpose of assessing and (if successful) engaging or employing the person, as the case may be. The purposes for which the Club uses such personal information include:

  • Managing the individual’s employment or engagement
  • Insurance purposes
  • Ensuring that it holds relevant contact information
  • Satisfying its legal obligations
  • We use personal information of volunteers to enable us to work with them.

Voluntary surveys From time to time, we may carry out a voluntary survey for feedback. Before collecting survey results, we will advise you of the purpose of the survey (for example, to gain information for the Club to improve services). Participation in surveys is optional.

Disclosing personal information
The Club aims to confine its disclosure of personal information to the primary purpose for which it has been
collected, or for a related purpose. This means the Club will usually only disclose personal information in connection with our business, our administrative functions, and our registered club, community, social, recreational and sporting activities. This includes when disclosure is necessary to: provide you with a product or service that you have requested; help us with the running of the Club; or for compliance with our legal obligations (for example, disclosing information of prospective Members on the Club’s notice board).
Sometimes the Club may also disclose your personal information outside the Club for the purpose for which the information was collected, or for a related purpose – for example when disclosure is necessary to: provide you with a product, service or activity you have requested; help us with the running of the Club; or for security reasons.

We may provide your personal information to:

  • outsourced service providers who perform functions on our behalf, such as providing security services conducting market research, providing email and mail handling services;
  • Authorised representatives of the Club who sell products or provide services on our behalf
  • Anyone authorised by you to receive your personal information (your consent may be express or implied and can be withdrawn at any time)
  • An actual or prospective amalgamation partner in the event we engage in an amalgamation process with another registered club
  • Anyone to whom we are required or authorised by law to disclose personal information

We generally require third parties only to use your personal information for the specific purpose for which it was given to us and to protect the privacy of your personal information.
We will only disclose your personal information to third parties on the basis that they agree with us to keep your information confidential (except where we are authorised or required by law to disclose the information).
Otherwise, the Club would only share personal information, including sensitive information, with a third party if the Club has a belief that its use and/or disclosure is necessary:

  • To lessen or prevent threats to health, life or safety of any individual;
  • To investigate unlawful activity or serious misconduct within the Club;
  • To assist enforcement bodies, such as the police, with their activities;
  • To assist in locating a missing person;
  • To establish, exercise or defend a legal or equitable claim; or
  • For the purpose of confidential alternative dispute resolution.

You consent to us disclosing your personal information to third parties in the circumstances listed above, and similar organisations who may in turn provide your information to other third parties (for example, for marketing purposes).

You can withdraw your consent at any time by informing us in writing that you withdraw that consent (except where we are authorised or required by law to disclose the information). If you do not permit the disclosure of some personal information as the Club requests, then the Club may not be able to meet its legal obligations and may not be able to do business with you or engage you to work at the Club. If this is the case, we will let you know.

(d) Accessing and updating your personal information:
The Club aims to keep all personal information that we hold accurate, complete and up-to-date. We encourage you to tell us if you change your contact details. If you believe that the information we hold about you is incorrect, incomplete or out-of-date, please contact us. You can find our contact details at the end of this Policy.

To change your name on the membership database supporting documentation from a government source is
required. Change of addresses can be done by completing a “Change of Address” form, by letter or through the Club’s website. You may request access to your personal information held by the Club, and request that it be updated if you believe it is incorrect. The Club may ask you to verify your identity and specify the information you require. In some cases the Club is entitled to refuse access, for example, if making that information available to you would unreasonably impact on the privacy of others. We will generally let you know the reasons for any refusal. If we do not agree that your personal information should be changed, then we will let you know the reasons in accordance with the Principles.

In some circumstances, the Club may charge a fee to cover our costs of locating, retrieving, reviewing and copying any material requested. If the information sought is extensive, the Club will generally advise the likely cost in advance.

If you participate in our player rewards scheme, we will give you a player activity statement regarding your player card on request.

The Club is required by law to keep some types of information for certain periods of time. If we no longer require your personal information, we will generally destroy or de-identify it. The Club reserves the right to retain information for a period longer than that for which it is required to retain the information if the Club considers that

it is necessary, and as long as it is in accordance with the Principles.

(e) Questions or complaints:
If you have a question about this Policy, please contact Administration.
If you wish to register a complaint about a the Club’s compliance with the Principles, you may do so by contacting the General Manager at the Club who will thoroughly and fairly review the complaint. You will be informed of the outcome of the review within a reasonable time, having regard to the nature of your complaint. If you are unhappy with the outcome, you may contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

You can find our contact details at the end of this Policy.
(f) Does the Club disclose personal information to overseas recipients?
The Club is not likely to disclose any personal information to overseas recipients.

Anonymity and pseudonymity

  • Under some circumstances, individuals may have the option of not identifying themselves, or of using a pseudonym, when dealing with the Club in relation to a particular matter.
  • However, the Club has legal obligations to identify Members, Temporary Members and guests, so we are obliged to ensure we collect the true identity of patrons as they enter our premises.
  • We will also not accept anonymity or use of a pseudonym where it is impracticable for us to deal with individuals who have not identified themselves or who have used a pseudonym.

How we manage and secure personal information The Club’s staff are required to respect the confidentiality of all personal information and the privacy of individuals, and we have directed our staff that personal information must be dealt with in accordance with this Policy. The Club has security systems in place which are intended to protect your personal information from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure by the use of various methods including password protections and system lockouts to other than authorised personnel.

If the Club receives personal information about you which it did not request and which it does not reasonably
require, the Club may destroy or de-identify this information where appropriate.
If you reasonably believe that there has been an unauthorised use or disclosure of your personal information, please contact our Chief Operating Officer whose contact details are at the end of this Policy.

Contact us
For enquiries about this Policy please contact Administration:

Mr Geoff Sheedy

General Manager
Sussex Inlet Bowling Club Ltd
8 St. Georges Avenue, SUSSEX INLET NSW 2540



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