Although there are no records of the beginning. In 1999 Mr. Bill (OK BOWLERS) Wills was awarded Life Members of the 300 Club for 28 years of dedication and loyal service as Secretary and Treasurer. Therefore, 1971 was possibly the beginning of the 300 Club.

Back in the beginning due to the popularity of the 300 Club you needed to put your name down two (2) weeks in advance before getting a Friday morning or afternoon bowls as the greens were full.

They had maxi and mini days with prizes, T.V’s, BBQs and the good old frozen chickens.

Mr. Wills or he’s mates would call him ‘OK BOWLERS’, used to sell hot dogs at the Sydney Cricket Ground, he also had his hot dogs after games and bowlers would line up for one (no charge). Bowlers from Ramsgate (bus load), as they still do today. 

Christmas would be all day bowls, lunch would be pies, peas and potato, a bread roll and apple slice and custard, and one (1) beer ticket.

The 300 Club has had very loyal people dedicated to our club, running it as a non-profit organization. They have done a great service for our community.

300 Club was registered under Club Act on 22.08.1980.

Mr. Peter Reynolds Secretary and Mr. Bruce Zorbas Treasurer are the current Office Bearers.


The sheets are on the bowls desk for you to put your name down to play on Friday’s games. If you are a visitor, we have bowls you can borrow, barefoot bowlers are also welcome.

Green Fees 300 Club Members $15.00.

Please call (Friday Only) on 4441 1250 between 11:30am to 1:00pm, if you need to speak to Bruce.

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